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Obesity: Today’s common problem

Do you know that 28% of the UK adult population is obese with a further 36.2% classed as overweight? It includes thousands of people at an increased risk of heart diseases, higher blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and much more. There is only one solution; to improve your health: setting up fitness goals and then working out to achieve them.

Although most people are inclined to want to bring a change and do actually wish to work out, they simply can’t find out what works for them. Gyms can be overcrowded with all sorts of people and are increasingly expensive while a workout session in a park can have its own issues too.

Your solution

If you are willing to get yourself in a better physical shape, but gyms and parks aren’t your choices, the solution is to set up a home gym. A home gym would give you the liberty to work out whenever you feel like it. You can have your own personalised gym equipment based on your health and your preferences.

And the best thing about having your gym is that you don’t need to travel or care about dressing up. You can enjoy an improved body in your own personal space at the same time. However, things aren’t perhaps as simple as they sound and that’s where we can help.

Once a consumer sets out to buy fitness equipment, they’ll be faced with tons of brands all selling different workout equipment, from the treadmill to resistance bands and all of them claiming to be the best. The longer you explore the market, the more your mind gets confused because most of the time there is barely any noticeable difference to the eye that knows no better.

However, things are about to get better for you because we have found the ultimate solutions to your home gym equipment choices. We shall provide detailed insights into the best fitness equipment to help you build strength and lose weight.

So let’s get started.

Latest Home Fitness Equipment Reviews and Comparisons

When making choices, we often get confused between two products right at the very end because they have passed through the initial scrutiny and are similar, making it hard to decide. However, that’s where we’re able to help as a buyer doesn’t often see things from the eyes of an expert.

‘All that glitters isn’t gold’ is a true saying for many things with fitness equipment being no exception. Fancy equipment may look stylish and irresistible, but it often doesn’t last that long. As a novice, you might not be aware of that. So, we are here to help you save your money and buy the best fit for you.

In-depth analysis

Throughout our site, we shall provide detailed fitness equipment reviews and in-depth comparison articles for close competitors so that you’ll never miss a good deal. All the fitness equipment on the site is reviewed by our experts on a series of qualities to mark its efficiency. 

Our reviews include a detailed analysis of the equipment price, features, specification, pros & cons, and finally a conclusive idea as to whether you should buy it or not. We also take care that ‘user experience’ is given the required importance and is mentioned where necessary.

Buy The Best Home Fitness Equipment

Once you are sure about the equipment you need to get, whether that be a treadmill, exercise bike or whatever form of cardio or fixed weight machine you’re after, the next dilemma arises regarding where to find the best gym equipment. There are tons of sites on the internet. Some of them offer amazingly low prices, but their negative reviews can sometimes clearly represent how these low prices are possible.

In contrast, some websites are well trusted, but buying a treadmill from them for example would mean that their entire budget for the home gym is gone due to paying a premium price. It is confusing to reach a conclusion because buying equipment is in general a healthy but large investment, which most of us can’t afford to lose, and if it all goes wrong, there could be weeks of regret.

Your ultimate gym website

Well, (and not meaning to sound too much like a guru here, but) we have an answer to all your problems. At Gymfreakz, we have the biggest choices of equipment at a competitive price. All of our products go through a strict quality assurance process to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and have no concerns for doubt.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, the sellers we support offer all forms of returns, including exchanges, and if needed, replacements of the piece of equipment. To ensure our customers have the best shopping experience, we have detailed catalogue pages with all the branded equipment you’d need to achieve your desired fitness level.

Popular equipment at the best prices

Our product catalogue pages contain the best equipment at reasonable prices. We ensure that we have a large stock of all the popular fitness equipment so that our customers don’t have to wait for increased supply or pay higher fees. Our team keeps a regular check at the inventory levels and customer demand patterns to avoid falling short at any instant.

Our products are also priced with a consideration of the product’s market value. Nonetheless, we don’t aim at providing the lowest price amongst all sellers because that’d mean lower quality, and you’d have to repurchase equipment, with more of your money being wasted. Our recommended products are reliable, efficient and personalized to fit each of your fitness goals.

No trainer required!

Getting down to basics, we know that all you are looking for is a bright light that can show you the way to the golden gate – aka, your desired body. Here at Gymfreakz we aim to be that bright light. We post detailed articles that discuss training routines for each piece of gym equipment with an in-depth analysis of their impact and things you should take care of.

All the workouts are tested on multiple individuals, and the results are monitored to determine the efficiency of the exercise. Before getting the articles published, they are reviewed by certified gym trainers to double-check for any errors or inclusion of specific facts that you must know before you start.

New Releases

Most home gym owners are concerned about their progress. They believe that trainers and the latest machinery at a commercial gym are a perk they won’t have. A trainer helps you train with the latest workout methods to ensure that your training sessions bring the best results. At the same time, the latest machinery means that your training sessions are more productive than before.

Often, such beginners end up resorting to a gym membership to enjoy these perks. At Gymfreakz, we don’t want you to give up on your home gym this easy; hence, we pay special attention to new releases and publish them on our website as soon as they’re available.

Easy shopping of the latest items

In our buyers guide section, we organise the latest equipment that you can purchase with ease. We have a wide range of new equipment, initially specialising in treadmills but will soon be including in the not too distant future, the exercise bike, power racks, and squat stands. You can get all these products at great value and make your training sessions more intense.

For the trainer part, you can take help from our advice posts. We update our advice and education articles with the latest training methods and techniques to ensure your full-body workout is well aligned with your fitness goals. If at any instance you are confused regarding what to get and how to use equipment, you can approach our great customer service, who are always available to help you.

Guide Articles

How do I impact more muscle groups through treadmill running? Why does my shoulder turn sore after working out with the pull-up bars? How can I have more intense workouts?

These are some questions that dwindle on the mind of beginners, and they are looking for comprehensive answers, but when they search, all they get are even more confusing opinions and how they need more equipment. It’s frustrating and acts as a barrier to improving your fitness. We aim to provide advice for all your needs from the best technology, and full-body workouts, to which free weights to buy on a limited budget and much, much more.

An accurate solution to your troubles

In our guide articles, you can find comprehensive solutions to all your questions. We address the pros & cons of each workout and how you should practice it to get the best results. The guide articles are written with special care to be as detailed as possible, so all your question is answered. Their accuracy is checked by certified trainers who include any additional information you must know before getting started.

In some cases, you might have questions regarding products and workout methods that might not be addressed in the guide article. However, you don’t need to worry about that. All our articles have an FAQ section after the conclusion.

We provide descriptive answers to the most popular questions, so you are well aware of making the most of your home gym. You can easily find these articles in the advice and education section or by using our site search tool at the top right-hand side of the page and keep yourself updated with the best techniques for interval training, leg exercises, bench press, and more.

Best in Class Reviews / Best Fitness Equipment

We understand that while you might not be looking to get the very best in free weights, a treadmill, spin bike or an elliptical, you would still like to be given a full overview of what is available on the market to allow you to make an informed choice. Most users are interested in getting the ‘best in class machinery’ for the fundamental workouts to ensure it lasts a long time and has all the necessary features required to suit their needs. When we talk about the best equipment, it could be a significant investment, so it’s essential that your decision is a good one.

No more confusions

We can help you sort out the trouble and quickly decide on the perfect training machine for you. In our articles, we include ‘best in class’ reviews that address particular muscle groups, the ‘top equipment’ for a specific training routine, and many more subjects and categories and then present a comprehensive analysis of ‘what’s best for you’.

Our reviews judge a piece of equipment on the basis of various factors, including the cost, features, pros & cons and user experience. You will often find valuable additions such as pro-tips on increasing its life and getting the best results too.

Read about best practices.

At Gymfreakz, we aim to be the ultimate solution for your home gym. Apart from the hot topics mentioned above, there will be several other factors that will be confusing once setting up a home gym, such as:

  • What’s the best place in the house to set up a gym?
  • Should I free a room for the purpose or set up a garage gym?
  • What’s the best way to keep the equipment clean?
  • How to warm up before high-intensity training?
  • Should I watch TV during a training session?

Although some of these questions aren’t necessarily that significant, they can determine your workout experience. Hence, we ensure that we come up with best practice articles once in a while. The purpose of these is to spread knowledge regarding a certain topic common amongst novice trainers. These articles can be of great help in ensuring your training is as enjoyable as possible, and that your equipment stays in excellent condition.


Are home gyms better than a regular commercial gym?

Well, there are pros & cons to each choice. In the case of a home gym, you’ll be able to enjoy several benefits such as no time limit, care-free dressing, no crowded place and personalized equipment. Still, it would involve a high set-up cost money-wise (which could in the long term be a great investment though) and may occupy your valuable space.

However, once you are convinced that you need a home gym/garage gym, we can work around selecting the best space-saving items that can help you enjoy your home fitness sessions without compromising on your living space.

How to get missing parts, and how much would they cost?

Most of our site items are reliable and come with a warranty. If you have faced any issues covered within the warranty, our supported suppliers are often more than happy to provide new pieces of equipment to solve the problem.

However, if the warranty doesn’t cover the problem, you can still get your machine fixed by contacting the relevant customer service. The prices we’ve found are market competitive, so hopefully, it won’t be too much of a burden to buy what you’re after.

What is the difference between a power rack and a squat rack/squat stand?

A power rack is a solid structure with open-ended uprights, usually 2x or 3×3, and holes at different heights for where the bar will be placed. The idea is that you would put your whole gym’s worth of weights on it and squat anyway you want: low bar, high bar, whatever.

Squat racks are lighter-duty constructions with slightly smaller dimensions in all directions, usually 2×3 or 2×2. They very often have crossbeams in the back that prevent the barbell from rolling forward. They don’t support as much weight, but they’re still safer than just leaving the bar on the ground to squat–assuming you use safety pins that are high enough off the ground. Weights would go on stands or on safeties that hang off of the rack rather than directly onto the rack itself.

What are the most popular workouts?

To an extent, the level of your equipment doesn’t matter as much as using it the right way. The progress towards your goals depends significantly on your training routine. It should be designed according to your physical capacity and must have a blend of all-body exercises to ensure that your muscles are equally utilised.

However, as a beginner, you can be confused by the choice of your training programmes Without a personal trainer, deciding on what your training should be can be a challenging task and could hinder your advancement towards a healthier body.

What is the most popular fitness equipment?

Not s long ago, the resistance band market had a sudden surge in demand after various celebrities were recorded using them. The increased popularity meant that every gym user wanted to get one for themself. It led to a market shortage for an affordable resistance band, and only overpriced bands remained.

The users had to settle for either a higher price or no band at all. The rise in popularity and the consequent shortage aren’t limited to resistance bands; every time equipment gains popularity, it somehow turns unobtainable. However, at Gymfreakz, we aim at changing the norm by keeping up to date with in-stock items so if you’re after a specific spec of treadmill, or bike, or any other type of equipment, we’ll have one reviewed and recommended to meet that need.


And that sums up our website content; I hope you will have fun reading our helpful articles and learning critical tips to get the best results from your exercise routine. If you can’t find the perfect article to match your problem, you can always comment on our posts to inform us that you are waiting. Your feedback would help us provide for your needs.

Our site has a wide range of equipment ranging from power racks to weight plates and supporting accessories to bigger items such as treadmills. We have designed a user-friendly and straightforward interface to place your order with just a few simple clicks; our main focus is to ensure you enjoy a great service so happy shopping!