How to find routes on map my run

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Running routes aren’t always easy to find, so let’s make our own custom running routes and route planner now

We all want to find the best route for our runs. It can be the difference between us smashing targets, breaking boundaries and giving us new direction… or falling off the map entirely and never setting foot outside of the house again.

Okay, bit dramatic.

But if we want to get the most out of running then we should try and get the most out of our routes. To find a new route, we have plenty of options. From a standard route map found native to our phones to the broadest of functionality discovered on google maps, we really don’t have an excuse for not engaging in this.

If you’re like me and enjoy the benefits of a custom map, maybe it’s a low-traffic route, a hilly path with incline in mind, or simply new routes for fresh stimulation, then this post is for you.

To answer the title in question though; How to find routes on map my run, please see the straight forward process highlighted below

  1. Select Routes
  2. Then choose Bookmarked. Now, click your recently created route
  3. Select ‘Do It’ in the upper right corner.

This loads the route onto the home screen of the app. From here, simply start running and follow the route

Google maps

Google maps is an ingenious addition to any runner’s toolkit. The ability to create a route, after discovering paths through factors like terrain variety, public usage and safety, will empower you to run in the best ways for you.

You have access to a host of more options like distance metrics too. If you have it in app form, you can whip out your device and start recording. The ability to record, with apps like Strava, is limitlessly empowering. You can race against yourself, beat your times, and clock in against others too. With the ability to cross-reference trails, and your progress on those trails, you suddenly have access to one of the ultimate trackers going.

Google maps, with features like elevation profiles and additional information, you really won’t struggle to create the custom route that your fitness lifestyle needs. And that’s the point – it’s not just about finding the best route it’s about creating one.

You can use other apps like and to garner similar results in different ways that could suit you better.


From a tidy home screen to an elevation profile, there’s so much about the right app that makes it right for you. Make sure to search for different services and products. Form a training plan around different routes and assess the website that could change your fitness lifestyle forever.

Finding a route is very easy, really. But finding the right route may be a little harder. It’s about weighing up your options to go the distance and use your own life’s ‘create route’ function now.


Can you use these for walking?

Absolutely you can. There are no restrictions, just path and route types. You can even use some for waterway routes!

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