How to fix curled toes

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Suffering from curly toe issues? Let’s treat curled toes, reducing abnormal bend and detriments to performance.

It may not sound like a tricky affair, but going toe-to-toe with the reality of hindered performance can be hard. As ever, we’re big advocates of maximising your performance. From the largest of hindrances to the tiniest of fall downs, getting up to your prime is exactly why you’re here with me.

Well, actually it’s a little more specific than that.

Well done for taking the plunge and doing something about your issue. Even reading can be the biggest leap towards rehabilitation and correction, so you’ll be pleased we’re going to get into it here. Curly toes can cause a host of pains (with which I’m sure you’re familiar), but thankfully the corrective methods are generally easy, accessible and powerful.

So, if you’re worried that your performance and general life are taking a hit because of your toe muscles, middle joint problems or types like mallet toe, let’s leap into fixing them now.

The real issue

Curled toes may seem trivial to some, but in reality, they can mean more than a red flag to others.

Here are some crooked complications with curly toe issues –

  • pain or irritation, especially when wearing shoes
  • inflammation
  • open sores
  • corns and calluses
  • shortening of toe length
  • permanent bend in the toe
  • joint rigidity and inability to move the toe

Clearly, you’ll want to get your foot in the door to avoid these potential arch nemeses.

Let’s find out how!

If the shoe fits…

Simply, your choice could be the culprit. Sure, curly toes can be an underlying issue whether you’re wearing shoes or not – hammer toe, claw toe and other variants are all permanent issues. To help reduce the symptoms, or even reduce curly altogether, wearing comfortable shoes will help you perform undoubtedly.

Avoid tight shoes, keeping your toes straight and feet optimised.

Exercising the sole

Whether it’s floor toes or mallet toes, exercises exist to help. Toe separators can be a great tactic, but more movement-based exercises will help mobility. Using them to pick up objects can help with dexterity, flexibility and mobility, and performing curl toes (or stands) can help in exactly the same way.

Get toe it!

Surgical precision

Of course, if your second toe grows from second thought, becoming a real issue for you every single day, then you always have surgical options. ”Surgery may involve cutting or removing a small section of the toe joint and rotating the toe into a straight position. Your doctor may also remove sections of bone that are injured or crooked.” Surgical treatments can result in forming your toe straight, ridding you of claw toes, and stopping that constant bent position that affects your athletic performance day in and day out.


In conclusion, you have many different approaches to dealing with your curled toes, far more than are documented here. If it’s that much of an issue for you, then you need to do some thorough research; a life-changing fix is always worth more than a day or two of reading. If you’re conducting the issue with a somewhat silly approach, i.e. wearing high heels despite the fact, then you may want to approach the issue a little more seriously – you’re reading this article for a reason, after all.


Is there an issue with keeping my feet flat?

Lacking an arch can cause problems with muscle strain and form. Check it out if you think it’s an issue.

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