How to get back into running

How to get back into running

Using everything we can, from key running muscles to a personal trainer to get back into running from a break

Whether it happened from injury or simply falling off the wagon, getting back into running isn’t easy, even if it’s only been few weeks. And with that said, it’s well known a long break degrades our motivation, makes us feel like we’re back at square one, and can often intimidate us. Strength training, cross-train usage, training plans – it doesn’t matter why you’re getting back, or what you’re getting back into, it matters how.

Some runners find it handy to join a local running club, and who can blame them, that level of accountability feels integral for many. Others like the solitary mission of putting on their running shoes, making their own running schedule, and making the running comeback of a lifetime. No matter the training schedule, no matter the training plan, it’s down to you. So let me help you figure out the smart way of making it all easier.


Cultivating the right mindset is integral. It doesn’t matter what your goals are or how you even think you’re going to get there, you need the right mindset to go about it. Running shape means a working mindset, and if you leave out stress and stop thinking about that half marathon, you need to lose weight, for you’ll be fine.


It’s obvious, but you need to be motivated. And to stay away from stress, again, you need to be realistic You might not be motivated for a long-term running schedule, but you may be ready for a 3k intro run. To lose weight takes time, but think about each set on a case-by-case basis, it’s not always about the end goal, it’s the goals to get there that feel more immediate.

Avoid injury

A beginner schedule is pretty important but planning aside, making sure you avoid injury is the best thing to do here, especially if you’re getting back into running… after an injury. Staying injury free, developing a safe running habit, and using your rest days properly will see you to a safe return, and keep you motivated, of course. Start slow, get yourself ready but be mindful of that dodgy ankle that got you here in the first place.


It’s easy to get ahead of yourself, but it’s equally easy to be frustrated at how slow everything’s going. You can literally employ any number of these methods, and more, of course, we’ve only touched on a few, so if you want to get a coach, go ahead with half-marathon training or even try a few other sports first, then go for it – it’s your life, your fitness lifestyle and your way of getting back to running.


How much recovery time is too much?

It completely depends on the injury, your routine, and how you go about recovery in general. You could get a physical therapist that recommends a certain amount, or you could go off your own bat with what feels right. either way, just make sure it’s calculated.

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