Best Exercise Bike with Screen

Best Exercise Bike with Screen

Enhancing your workout with live and on-demand classes, cycling apps and data tracking, all through the best screens on the market

A lot of riders don’t always swear by screens. And it’s understandable – some get too distracted by extra technology and simply want to ride without thinking. But while it’s a common way to approach fitness, one question springs up…

Why wouldn’t you want to enhance your workouts in all of the best ways plausible?

Screens house on-demand classes, can connect to an apple watch, help to lead off-bike workouts, take you on scenic rides, and give you incredibly accurate and detailed data options to help guide your fitness regime going forward.

There’s a reason they’ve become such a staple of modern technology. From entertainment to fitness turning, the power of consoles, screens and TVs on fitness equipment is almost infinite. Personally, I’ve got so used to a certain way of working out that I couldn’t go back, I just couldn’t.

Without live classes or on-demand fitness classes, I feel like I’d be a tad lost… so it’s a great job there’s always a top-notch bike with even better screens for me to weigh up.

Throughout this list, we’ll be breaking down the best exercise bike screens on the market, so you can realise just how quality and beneficial these components are.

From simple consoles with impeccable data tracking to seemingly full-blown cinema setups, let’s sit back, press play and watch things unfold.

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In A Rush?

  Best Life Fitness: Best Nordic Track: Best Proform: More Affordable Life Fitness: More Affordable Nordic Track:
Brand Life Fitness NordicTrack Proform Life Fitness NordicTrack
Model Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike Commercial S27i Smart Power 10.0 Club Series Upright Bike Commercial S22i
Photo F3
Resistance 26 Levels 24 Levels (Silent Magnetic Resistance) 22 levels (Magnetic Resistance) 25 Levels 24 Levels (Digital Resistance)
Max. Weight 182 kg 160 kg n/a 181 kg 150 kg
Assembled Dimensions 105L x 62W x 138H cm 145L x 71W x 165H cm 143L x 56W x 139H cm 105L x 62W x 138H cm 135L x 56W x 156H cm
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Best Life Fitness Exercise Bike With A Screen (this is simply the best of the best):

Life Fitness Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike with Discover SE3 HD LCD Console

Key features

  • Strong minimum RPM of 30
  • Self-powered console
  • Touch screen technology
  • Generator drive system
  • Multi-ribbed belt drive
  • Telemetry
  • Racing handlebars
  • Improved comfort curve seat
  • Interchangeable seat
  • Wide ride pedals
  • Enhanced data readings from Telemetry
  • Great warranty variation
  • Good range of resistance levels for varied workouts
  • Strong adjustability options
  • Changeable parts
  • No remote buttons
  • No stretching platform


The Integrity Series benefits from great technology inclusion, strong and long-lasting material use and a comfortable ride every single time.

Specifically, the HD 1080p screen displays crystal clear visuals. This is wonderful for those seeking an accessible exercise bike (21.5″ screen), but it’s brilliant for everyone looking to clearly read their data mid-workout, manipulate parameters like incline or decline, or get the most out of vibrant and vivid entertainment options.

To top this, the SE3 console allows for video streaming, on-demand workouts, instructor-led classes, and the ability to connect to that wonderful thing we call the internet. Life Fitness boast that the Discover SE3 HD console ”bring[s] facilities to the forefront of the digital fitness world.” and they’re not wrong.

The on-demand classes are added and updated on a regular basis. Simply think about how much life this feature gives your purchase? With classes that have no expiry date or series end, you can expect a new riding experience every month. Tell me that’s not appealing?

From an engineering perspective, well, it’s Life Fitness. Extensive research goes into these machines, and internet connectivity and the ability for streaming video aside, this fine-tuned bike is built to last. With a comfortable ride, easy adjustment option, wide pedals, limited maintenance and ergonomic racing handlebars, I just can’t see this machine failing on the build side.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness Integrity Series Standard Upright Bike with Discover SE3 HD LCD Console here.

Best Nordictrack Exercise Bike With A Screen:

NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotating HD touchscreen
  • Premium 30w sound system
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Auto-Adjusting resistance and incline
  • Streamed worldwide on-demand workouts
  • iFit compatible
  • Two-sided SPD compatible pedals
  • Trainer-led workouts (guided routes)
  • Holistic collection of interactive workouts
  • Variety of workout metrics
  • Incredible immersive options
  • Outdoor riding experience capitalised on
  • Comfort and versatility through exercise options
  • Premium entertainment systems
  • Cycling shoes not included
  • Some riders may find too many workout options to be surplus


With PC Mag hailing this bike as being ”as close to outdoor biking” as can be, the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle continues to astound riders and tech lovers alike…

And we’re not surprised.

Before even going into detail as to what the tech spec list contains, let’s think about the versatility and workout variation you can utilise with this machine. Firstly, the rotating HD screen is not only useful mid-ride but also off-bike. Let me explain. If for whatever reason, you need to rotate the screen mid-ride (on bike) then you can, great. But if you want to make use of the extras and off-bike workouts, then you can do that just as easily. With classes focused on off-bike workouts, you can literally turn the screen around, work next to the indoor cycling bike and hop back on again with ease (this is great if you’re into things like HIIT training).

Now, onto the tech spec. With a premium 30w sound system, crystal clear audio, trainer-led workouts (guided routes), a holistic collection of interactive workouts, and streamed worldwide on-demand workouts, you’re not only running out of breath reading them out, but you’re also staying far away from running out of options.

This level of tech makes this a smart exercise bike, and for an indoor bike to have this many options, this much breadth, it’s hard to dismiss the idea that you’re bringing the entire fitness world home with you.

If you don’t like almost unlimited variety, amazing HD routes to follow, crystal clear audio and great onboard engineering, then this bike isn’t for you.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle here.

Best Proform Exercise Bike With A Screen:

Proform Smart Power 10.0 Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • iFit membership (30 Day trial)
  • Interactive personal training
  • 22 magnetic resistance levels
  • Vertical and horizontal seat adjustments
  • Pedal toe clips and straps
  • Water bottle holder
  • Aux port
  • 2 loudspeakers
  • 10-inch touchscreen display
  • Easy to adjust
  • Plenty of engaging workouts
  • Comfort features to improve ride feel
  • Nice aesthetic with low-cost materials
  • Manageable size for one person
  • Does feel a little cramped while on the bike due to console placement
  • Not the easiest to assemble, some may struggle


With an iFit membership to start with, you get access to one of the most popular fitness apps to exist at the moment. You might be thinking, ‘Okay, well, I don’t care about iFit, I want the bike’, and you’d be right, but you’d also be missing the bigger picture.

Just like the previous entry, it’s about combining some of the best features and inclusions you can think of. And to combine iFit with the 2 loudspeakers, a 10-inch touchscreen display and another series of bike workouts is to maximise your fitness regime potential. In short, if you were an artist, why wouldn’t you want as many colours to play with as possible?

The 10″ full-colour touch display is wonderful. It’s not exactly a home cinema, but it doesn’t need to be (how many of us are fine with our tiny phone screens?) With an eye-drawing design, crystal clear clarity and an index full of workout programs, it’s hard not to see the value here.

The console hosts more than 50 workout videos. While some may not be to your liking, variety is the spice of life, and variation in a fitness regime can be the difference between you hitting your goals or not. And we all want to be hitting our goals… so think about this bike as the right place to start.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Proform Smart Power 10.0 Exercise Bike here.

Best More Affordable Life Fitness Exercise Bike With A Screen:

Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike

Key Features

  • Self Generator Drive System (with the Integrity X console)
  • Integrity X Console with wireless connectivity
  • Deluxe racing handlebars (ergonomic design with elbow support)
  • Resistance controls integrated into the handlebars
  • 0-25 Resistance levels
  • Maximum resistance 900+ watts
  • Self-levelling wide pedals
  • Easily adjustable pedal straps
  • Comfortable seat
  • Great dexterity and adjustability for user choice and comfort
  • Quiet ride from the generator drive system
  • Superior seat adjustments and positioning for rider optimisation
  • Incredible durability due to corrosion, stain and chemical resistance coating
  • Notable aesthetic improvement from other Life Fitness models
  • Self-generator drive system only with Integrity X console
  • More focus on Tech, less on build


Think about the average stationary bike for a moment. It’s humble, to the point and, helps you to fix your fitness hang-ups, stay in shape and gives you all those workout benefits you need. Why, however, if a car gets us from A to B, why do we value having a nice one?

Max user weight capacity on a peloton bike aside, we’re looking at the undeniable value that tech can bring, and the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike is next.

This onboard console lets me have workout data, workout performance history, workout programs, and a host of other features that I’d only expect from seriously top-end health clubs worldwide. Having this exercise bike with exerciser insight evolves and enhances my workout rate, form, and progress… you name it – consoles are like your PA, and the Club Series Upright Lifecycle has got this spot on.

The bike makes for a smooth ride with great resistance options (max 900+ watts) and features easily adjustable components. What more could you want? It’s a reasonably humble bike but holds up against the best. And with the screen being the focal point, the centrepiece if you will, the price is fully justified in my opinion.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike here.

Best More Affordable Nordictrack Exercise Bike With A Screen:

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Key Features

  • Rotating HD touchscreen
  • Quiet Drive Tech, – 10% to 20% incline
  • Interactive personal training
  • Resistance levels + incline control
  • Destination workouts
  • iFit membership compatible
  • Trainer-controlled parameters (auto-adjusted incline by trainer in class)
  • Global rides
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • WI-FI connectivity
  • HD graphics
  • Superior class options
  • iFit-guided fitness progression
  • Unseen variety
  • Immersive experiences such as trainer-adjusted bike settings
  • On and off bike workouts
  • No recumbent bike adjustment
  • Screen dimensions quite wide (space-saving consideration)


Another behemoth in the tech world, this NordicTrack, is another example of how bikes can be far more than a seat and pedals.

While this model is more affordable, it still has plenty of the pioneering inclusions we were stunned by only minutes ago – rotating HD touchscreen, quiet drive tech, – 10% to 20% incline, interactive personal training, resistance levels + incline control, destination workouts and more.

What grabs me the most, though, is the auto adjustments.

This feels insanely futuristic; having a trainer-led workout on a studio bike that actually automatically adjusts as my virtual trainer dictates is just… yeah, mind blown.

This is taking advantage of what’s probably the most forward-thinking technology usage I’ve ever seen in a bike.

What’s better, and quite simple is, that I don’t even have to think, I just stay motivated, concentrated, and someone else guides me to my own success.

If you’re willing to work hard, then why not capitalise on that motivation in the best ways possible?

A solid bike with a solid build and great attention to detail. It’s the more affordable option, but it certainly feels close to par.

Make sure to compare the two NordicTracks if you’re in the middle of the road and make the right decisions for you.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle here.


To summarise, I think we’ve created one of the most comprehensive yet digestible lists of tech-riddled bikes around, and I’m so glad you’ve continued the journey to here. These bikes are just jaw-dropping, and to think what fitness was like in the 70s, before this level of technology, is just wild.

Technology can transform the indoor bike feel into an outdoor feeling ride. It can help transport us to another city or country.

Tech can genuinely suspend our belief into thinking we’re in a fitness class in person. Upright bikes will always benefit from technology, and so will your fitness regime.

Yes, a road bike is wonderful, and riding experiences outside are brilliant, but this level of variation in your approach to fitness is exclusive only to indoor cycling experiences.

So why not start your race today?

Home exercise bikes are good for alternative workouts, and variety should always be a consideration, in my opinion.

While levels of magnetic resistance and full body workout potential are good, other exercise bikes offer a great deal as far as technology is concerned.

But why settle for either or?

These bikes are incredibly well made, smart exercise bikes don’t always boast great on-board engineering, but if you want to check out more, then look at each spinning bike once again, we’re not here to find peloton alternatives, we’re here to find the right bike for you.

Stationary bike, outdoor bike, smart bike – whatever your tastes, there’s always something out there for you.

You just need to look.


Will the best exercise bikes always be the best exercise bike with screen?

The best exercise bike doesn’t have to have a screen, no.

But generally, you’ll find that the upper-end bikes have to focus on technology to fulfil the growing needs of trainers and exercisers in the modern world.

An indoor exercise bike can have brilliant properties, but a smart exercise bike is what people are usually after.

What are smart bikes, and how do they directly help me to lose weight?

Smart bikes are part of indoor cycling bikes.

They house a great deal of technology that can help you in many ways.

Namely, they guide you, teach you, help you stay motivated and become very much an extension of what you want out of fitness.

…and how do they help you lose weight?

Well, they guide you to better workouts. They make sure you’re working hard, and they also hold you accountable.

It’s like having a personal trainer in your home without the price tag.

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