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Introduction to the JLL Sonic Air Bike Premium Air Resistance Fan Bike

There are so many home exercise bikes and features to consider that it can quickly become a daunting task. Well, I’ve put together this post that provides you with the main details surrounding the Sonic Air Bike from JLL Fitness LTD.

It’s an air resistance fan model that feels smooth to ride. They’ve included lots of adjustment options when it comes to the seat which means that you can get your body in the most comfortable position whilst riding.

Moreover, the monitor includes stats about your workouts that you can use to improve and reach your fitness goals. I was also impressed with the compatibility of the JLL Sonic Air bike with the iConsole app.

So, let’s take a more detailed look at what the JLL Sonic Air bike has to offer.

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  • Resistance – Air resistance
  • Flywheel – Secure flywheel cage
  • Belt – Direct belt-driven system
  • Monitor – LCD display that shows the time, distance, speed, calories burned, wattage, and heart rate 
  • Crank – Strong 3-piece crank system
  • Adjustable Seat – 9 vertical adjustments and 5 horizontal adjustments are available 
  • Handlebars – Ergonomic L-shaped design for comfort
  • Pedals – Fitted pedals 
  • Max weight limit – 130 KG
  • Dimensions – 139 cm x 67 cm x 124 cm 
  • Item weight – 53.5 KG


Direct Belt Driven System

I liked how the JLL Sonic Air Bike has been implemented with a direct belt-driven system. This system works incredibly well to allow you to workout from home quietly. As a result, you can keep the noise disturbance down to a minimum which is a big benefit when it comes to using home exercise bikes.

In addition to the quietness, the JLL Sonic Air bike functions smoothly too due to the belt system. Therefore, you can experience a more realistic and enjoyable workout. Users have also been pleased to discover that belt-driven exercise bikes requires less maintenance compared to a chain-driven bike.

Air Resistance 

JLL Fitness has included an air resistance feature with the Sonic Air bike which has been created inside the secure flywheel. One of the biggest benefits of using an air resistance exercise bike instead of a magnetic resistance bike is the fact that it doesn’t require friction to operate, which means that it’s more likely to last you longer. The amount of wear and tear is kept to a minimum compared to a friction resistance bike and instead, you can focus more time on your workouts. 

There are specially angled large fan blades that have been fitted within the flywheel cage that is made to take in air and create resistance. The harder and faster you cycle, the more air is sucked into the flywheel and the more resistance is created for high-intensity workouts. So, instead of adjusting the resistance with a dial, the resistance with this bike is dependent on how you cycle. 


The JLL Sonic Air bike has been integrated with a fantastic LCD monitor that’s large and easy to read. I liked how you can clearly see the display to keep track of your calories, time, distance, and wattage in real-time. 

Being able to see this information whilst you’re working out is great for giving you an idea about where your fitness levels are. You can then use these statistics to set goals to aim for based on what you want to achieve. For example, my primary goal when exercising is to lose weight. Therefore, I was mostly focused on the calories being burned during each workout. 

I was also impressed with how the JLL Sonic Air bike includes watt programs. These programs vary in difficulty from easy to hard and it lets you test how fit you are. This is an excellent way to grasp a better idea about your fitness levels as you can then focus on workouts that target areas that need improvement. These programs are also specifically based on your gender, age, weight, and height. 

Furthermore, if you use the iConsole app on your smartphone, you may be pleased to know that you can connect the JLL Sonic Air bike to the app. This is fantastic for letting you see your workout stats on your phone and users have been liking the compatibility that’s available to them. 


The handlebars are one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing an indoor exercise bike. If it’s uncomfortable, you’re not going to b able to put your body in the best riding position and it could negatively affect your workouts.

I liked how the JLL Sonic Air bike handlebars have been made with an L-shaped design. I found that this felt comfortable and allowed me to put my body into a natural and synchronised movement position. This was an especially great benefit when I was doing my longer low-intensity workouts as I was able to feel comfortable throughout.

Non-slip rubber material has been used for the handlebars. This is superb for preventing your arms and hands from accidentally slipping off the handlebars whilst you’re working out. 

Seat Height Adjustments

The adjustable seat that has been fitted to the JLL Sonic Air bike comes with several adjustment options. I liked how I was able to adjust the seat vertically and horizontally as it meant that I could create a riding position that felt best for me, concerning the handlebars and pedals.

In addition to this, I found that the cushion was soft which kept me comfortable and supported during my workouts. 

Tablet Holder

As someone who partakes in steady-state cardio to lose weight, I’m often looking out for whether an exercise bike includes a device stand. I was glad to find that the JLL Sonic Air bike features a device stand as it meant that I could securely place my device in front of me whilst cycling.

This was beneficial when I was doing my longer steady-state cardio as I could stay entertained. Steady-state cardio can get pretty tedious without having any entertainment so I appreciated how JLL Fitness included a device stand with this model. 


You can feel at ease knowing that the JLL Sonic Air bike can be transported around your home easily. This is due to how wheels have been fitted to the bottom of the bike. Therefore, you can lift one end and wheel the bike around your home.

I was able to wheel the bike into a separate room where it was out of the way once I’d finished my session. I could then easily wheel it back in when I wanted to work out again. This obviously means that I can save space in my home and still work out conveniently. 


JLL Fitness LTD includes a 12-month warranty from the delivery date with their fitness equipment. A 30-day-money-back guarantee is also available from the date of purchase which is excellent for giving you a trial period to test out the JLL Fitness assault bike and find out whether you want to keep it or return it for a full refund.

You must maintain the JLL Fitness fan bike by checking loose bolts and ensuring that everything is working correctly. This is because you won’t be covered for the general wear and tear of the fan bike. 

Some of the other factors included with the warranty include the following:

  • 2 years parts and labour warranty
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 5 years motor warranty

If you’ve incorrectly assembled the JLL Fitness LTD home air bike, you may not be covered under the warranty. There are instructions included with the bike and online, along with assembly videos on the JLL Fitness website. 

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Fan resistance system that lasts longer
  • Large angled blades for more resistance
  • Secure flywheel cage
  • Internal belt system
  • Smooth and consistent ride
  • Non-slip ergonomic handlebars
  • Fore and aft position adjustments are included with the seat
  • iConsole app compatibility
  • LCD screen & scan mode that tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned & watt programs
  • Easy transport with the built-in wheels
  • Device holder
  • Strong design & excellent weight limit
  • Pedals aren’t as durable as some were expecting
  • Some of the bolts become loose over time

Overall Verdict:

My overall impression of the JLL Sonic Air bike is that it’s a worthy choice to consider if you’re looking to work out from home with a quiet bike that requires minimal maintenance. The air resistance system and rubber belt system mean that the wear and tear of this bike won’t be an issue for a long time.

I was also impressed with how the bike allows for so many adjustment options. Being able to adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally meant that I could ride comfortably for longer. The handlebars also feel comfortable to hold onto due to the L-shaped design and soft non-slip rubber materials.

Being able to see my workout stats in real-time whilst working out was also extremely helpful. I could gauge where my fitness level was by using the fitness scan feature which allowed me to set specific targets to aim for each workout which kept me motivated.

The quietness and smoothness that I experienced whilst riding the JLL Sonic Air bike were fantastic as they meant that I could cycle without worrying about disturbing anyone else in the house.

What I Liked About This Exercise Bike

The iConsole app compatibility is a useful feature that lets you connect the home assault bike to your device. This allows you to see your workout stats on your phone which you can use to keep track of and set goals to achieve.

Furthermore, I was grateful that a device holder was included with the design of the JLL Sonic 1 air bike. This was super useful during my long steady-state cardio workouts. I was able to set up my tablet and watch movies and TV shows to keep myself entertained whilst cycling.

The sturdy design of this bike is also something that I noticed whilst cycling. It has been made with a total net weight limit of 130 KG which is fantastic for ensuring that you can feel stable whilst working out. Therefore, if you were interested in using an air resistance bike for intense workouts, the JLL Sonic Air bike could be a great choice to consider.

Things That Could Have Been Better

One of the main downsides that users have mentioned when using the JLL Sonic Air bike is that the pedals aren’t as durable as perhaps some users were hoping. Screws used to fit the pedals were found to be not quite strong enough when under extreme pressure and caused the pedals to feel weak. Moreover, some have noticed that the eye bolts used to assemble the bike wear down quickly which could point to a common design flaw with this bike too. Replacement screws or alternatives are obviously options if you experience this so by no means a huge issue.

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Is this air bike suitable for short people?

Yes, short users have mentioned that this bike feels comfortable to ride.

Can you take your hands off the handlebars and cycle with this air bike?

Yes, the stable design and higher weight limit of the JLL Sonic 1 air bike allow you to sit upright and cycle securely without needing to hold onto the arm handles as the machine stays grounded. This can help to engage your core for a more full-body training experience.

Additional Points

Using fitness equipment like indoor bikes to cycle from your home gym has been studied and proven to be an effective way to shred fat and improve your fitness. You’re able to burn a lot of calories by using a home exercise bike whilst also developing your fitness. 

I like how using home exercise bikes allows me to workout whenever I want. Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of using these bikes. You can save yourself time and money by not going to the gym and working out from home.

Moreover, cycling fitness equipment in a home gym has been found to cause less impact on your joints compared to running outdoors or with commercial running machines. Therefore, if you experience knee problems, you may be better suited to cycling. It can also help to boost muscle strength for low body training.

In addition to the convenience factor and physical benefits that cycling has to offer, studies have also proven that there are incredible mental health benefits. Cycling with indoor air bikes or regular outdoor bikes is an effective way to release the dopamine chemical into the brain which is related to making you feel good. As a result, cycling with an assault bike can be used as an effective tool to help combat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

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