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Introduction to the Nohrd Upright Exercise Bike (5 x colour options)

If you were to walk straight into a fitness suite, health club or gym gear store without any preconception, you may be a little disappointed by what you see. They say variety is the spice of life after all, and for whatever reason, the gym equipment world seems to favour black, plastic and run-of-the-mill designs. This can lead some of us more vibrant trainers to be a little put off by the endless black sea. What this does do, however, is leave some manufacturers with a bright idea.

Having unique and memorable looks can be great for gym equipment. We all like to own things that feel unique to us, excite us in ways that others might find difficult, and ultimately feel like we’ve made a purchase decision based on taste rather than conformity. From solid wood and steel to rubber wheels, the tiny differences can make a massive impact for us.

Thankfully, Nohrd are entirely aware of this lacking palette and have offered a creative solution to our drab-based problems – the Nohrd Upright Bike. This advanced indoor bike puts engineering integrity and aesthetic experimentation at the forefront of its design, and personally, I couldn’t be happier to see something that breaks the mould.

So, without getting into advanced planetary gear technology or infinitely variable resistance here, let’s run through why this bike both looks and performs in a unique way and how that unique feel could result in a unique workout, too.

Let’s break down the Nohrd upright exercise bike.

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  • 15 x 5kg weight plates in total
  • Size H x 215cm W x 40cm Depth x 20cm
  • Distance from wall 10cm
  • Base plate 44cm
  • Total weight 120kg


  • Available in various woods
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Perfectly weighted flywheel
  • Precise planetary gearing system
  • Solid wooden and steel frame
  • Fold over handlebars to accommodate a wooden table for workstation option
  • Optional seat with backrest.
  • No console – uses handheld devices only
  • Rubber wheels for manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for body height range 160cm – 200cm
  • Maximum user weight 31.5 stone (200kg)
  • Floor space 80cm x 60cm


3 years full commercial

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Incredible space-saving design (o.44 sq meters)
  • Unique look and feel with an array of inviting finish options
  • Precision engineering from industry-leading manufacturers
  • Brilliantly balanced flywheel relative to frame providing a balanced workout and keeping you safe
  • Unique look may only be for some
  • No console

Overall Verdict:

After reviewing this wonderful machine, I can successfully say that Nohrd have done it again. They’re constantly striving for some of the best ways to innovate and pioneer, and the Nohrd Upright Bike is a perfect example of this.

From the advanced planetary gearing to the wear-free brake technology to the point engineering, this bike is a beacon for well-designed alternative machines everywhere. With a focus on life span, component integrity, and small but smart features, this machine is a welcomed addition to any home gym or health club set-up. For the ultimate home cycling experience, for a unique and memorable ride, bikes like this are exactly what you want – they’re the first thing you’d see in a bike shop and the last thing you’d see when you leave.

While the aesthetics are, of course, noteworthy, the onboard engineering is just immaculate. Nohrd have really upped their game in the inner workings department, so let’s have a sneak peek at what’s underneath this pretty exterior.

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What I Liked About This Exercise Bike

Where to start? Rider options.

As soon as the soles of your feet touch the hybrid pedals, you’re presented with great power options. Because of the magnetic brake resistance and infinitely variable pedal stroke, you can really ride yourself out on this one. Nobody wants to be restricted by the very thing they purchased for the opposite, so the engineering decisions here let you push yourself to whatever limits you have. This level of power customisation leaves you feeling like you’re in control like the bike is responsive to you, rather than the other way round.

The above engineering features don’t just result in great power options but makes for a stable, comfortable and safe riding experience too. So, while this bike may look like it’s thin and perhaps prone to balance issues, you really don’t have to worry here. In fact, the whole design of this bike is a surprise. This Nohrd bikes compact footprint aside, from the ease of moving features, determined by the rubber transportation wheels, to the fluidly controlled setting disc, this Nohrd bike boasts accessibility as the word of the day. And the setting disc is something I need to give a word on.

The setting disc allows for infinitely variable resistance. How? In essence, think about turning a clock – the only difference is that time is finite. When you crank the resistance settings up, unrestricted by stages of resistance (every mm turned is a resistance level up) you’ll be able to keep turning to your desired workout intensity until you can’t spin anymore. Not to mention, the fact that it’s a disc adds to the artful palette of this beautifully designed machine.

So, I like pretty much everything about this bike. The interior environment blending, extremely durable frame and parts, smooth wear-free moving components and aesthetic design adhering to a ‘rare look’ incentive – they all make this machine feel like a passion project, and it’s great to see.

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Things That Could Have Been Better

But there’s always a but.

While the art technology on this bike makes for a gallery-worthy product, some things feel a little off. Firstly, it’s true the wheels make this next point a little easier, but it is heavy. Now, this kind of quality does make it perfectly suited for those wanting a strong max user weight, but for those not wanting to max out their strength moving this machine an inch, then you may want to consider a lighter option. For most, however, if you’re looking for something lighter, then there are so many options out there that this shouldn’t be an issue.

This Nohrd exercise bike also lacks position dexterity. Yes, features of the bike can be easily adjusted, like the horizontal and vertically adjusted handlebars, but for me, I did feel a little restricted as far as being able to change my position was concerned. I can’t expect too much, though, bikes are designed with this in mind, and it’s more of a preference thing. What’s not more of a preference thing, however, is the fact there’s no console. Most of us would like this console addition (other than maybe power-saving trainers), and while the Nohrd app is cool, I do expect to see a basic console on every bit of kit I reach these days; it’s 2022, data tracking s vital to working out over time. Not to mention, I think they could have done something really tasteful with the console. Be it programmes or the design itself, any opportunity to expand on the artful side of this bike should be capitalised on, no doubt, every design turn available.


What can you do with the Nohrd bike app?

With the Nohrd bike app, you don’t need a fitness studio-level console. You can Discover classes, city or countryside rides, select trainers, read data and scan environments as though you were riding through them in real life. Definitely check it out.

What’s better for me, an upright or racing position?

No position is better than another. It depends on your style and physique. It also depends on what you feel like doing at the time. Maybe you’ve upped your fitness game and want to take on the racing position more often; this generally allows for a more power-centric focus, giving room to leg driving and higher-intensity workouts. Upright can be great for endurance, long bike rides or a more relaxed cardio session. Upright can be great for those who suffer from back problems too.

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