ICAROS GAMES – N.E.X.T – The self-learning VR therapy software

ICAROS GAMES - N.E.X.T - The self-learning VR therapy software

With great hardware comes even better software. And with great companies comes superb products. ICAROS has recently released a range of fantastic, cutting-edge fitness products. From the more affordable ICAROS Cloud 360, an inflatable balance board with various functions, to the ICAROS Pro Commercial, one of the most advanced kinetic and VR machines I’ve ever tested, this company is constantly stunning its customers with fitness experiences made for the future.

So what’s a big part of the allure to these machines, and how are you really going to be pulled in?

ICAROS technology comes with a host of VR, and digital experiences. These brand new and super unique creations can excite, intrigue and sustain your attention, and to be simple, it’s the games that really bring these machines to life. From Dolomites to Predator Prey, exploring a glacier landscape, being able to race sharks, and pursue enemy submarines, each ICAROS game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 2 – 15 minutes long. All experiences are optimised for a variety of devices, including VR headsets, tablets, and more.

If you’re worried about the real value these experiences can bring in relation to fitness levels, then don’t be. Virtual reality housing virtual worlds aren’t just meant for the enjoyment part of the brain. Different games aim to target different muscle groups, improve self-efficacy, enhance core muscles and help you to reach the perfect body control with a range of methods to get there. Today, however, we’re focussing on one of the reasons why ICAROS clearly considers the full breadth of the fitness world. Today, we’re reviewing N.E.X.T., a professionally advised, carefully built program perfect for those in need of physical rehabilitation.

Let’s break it down.

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  • Variety of Difficulty levels
  • 2-15 minute experiences
  • Device compatibility (tablets, phones, VR headsets)
  • 3D rendered environment
  • Low ping reactive movement
ICAROS Pro Commercial Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment - with a male model flying in a virtual world


  • Suitability for stroke sufferers
  • Adjustable tasks via feedback from patience performance
  • Balance system for safe use of users
  • Self-learning capabilities for adaptive parameters
  • Precise reactions based on pin-point measurements
  • networked sensors, movement mechanics and coupled virtual reality
ICAROS Cloud 360 VR Fitness Equipment - surfing game

Compatible Products

Pros and Cons

  • One-of-a-kind neurorehabilitation
  • Entertaining method of rehabilitating bodily damage
  • Reduces malpositions
  • Developed in cooperation with therapists and patients for precise design
  • Self-learning algorithms for bespoke reactivity
  • Graphical fidelity could be improved
  • Limited in-game variety

Overall Verdict:

The future of exercise is clearly here. But with ICAROS software like this one, it’s equally clear that the future of healthcare is being harnessed too. These machines and games can be used for much more than just burning calories, and with almost miracle-like medical feats being achieved, like the remarkable case of paralysis recovery, it’s hard to stay away from equipment as powerful as this.

If you’re still unaware of what the experience actually entails then worry not – N.E.X.T. sees you, the user, utilise one of the VR ICAROS achieves to be plunged into a digital environment. You’ll then take control of an avatar in one of the company’s many games, whether it’s flying through environments or exploring deep terrains, and N.E.X.T. will track, learn and adjust the games to help you advance and grow to recovery.

Overall, the N.E.X.T. experience was a blast to play and through realising the potential for entertainment and physical rehabilitation the software makes medical processes feel, well, like a game, and for someone recovering from an array of issues N.E.X.T. could dramatically ease the pain of the recovery process.

While I do believe the graphical fidelity needs to improve a little, given the undeniable and seemingly limitless benefits this neurorehabilitation tool provides it seems like the tiniest fiber tear on your favourite gym shark gear. Graphical fidelity aside, from the actual feel and responsiveness of the machines compatible compared to the in-game precision, it’s clear that this tool has been designed with scientific accuracy, futuristic gamification, and mouldability based on users’ growth.

Sound smart?

It is.

Let’s find out what exactly makes this digital experience’s brain function.

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What I Liked About This VR Software

ICAROS explains, ”Neurorehabilitation through gamification, virtual reality and core training. The unique combination promises great success in supporting neuroplasticity and thus neuronal rewiring to remobilize paralyzed areas of the body.”


Well, besides the game bit, the main thing you’ll notice when reading of this game’s description is the use of reactive programming. Specifically, self-learning algorithms created from a brilliant AI, resulting in reactive and precise adaptability. Namely, the difficulty levels of this game’s challenge will vary based on the user’s growth and ability progression. This is essential in providing a brilliant tool that’s both effective long term but also sensitive to the user’s current physical state.

A true medical marvel.

ICAROS machines and experiences promote core training too, this helps with physical recovery in a number of ways. For example, core stability strengthening helps to promote the patient’s ability to compensate, reduces malpositions, and increases physical performance all round.

To achieve what feels like cutting-edge technology, medically professional and scientifically minded, ICAROS has ensured a design created by therapists and patients alike. This level of understanding is essential to justify even marketing like this, let alone releasing a product that promises so much in a medically authentic way. So, given the software’s success, and first-hand accounts of this release, we’ll take it as certain that ICAROS has done its homework.

Conclusion? Brilliant software resulting in a greatly enhancing experience and innovative approach to medical necessities.

Great stuff.

Things That Could Have Been Better

So what could go wrong with pioneering technology like this? Well, nothing’s gone wrong but there were a few things that could have been improved. Firstly, it’s unclear as to what games you can use N.E.X.T. with, or whether or not it’s classed as a game in the first place. You can see footage of a patient online harnessing the ‘flight’ mode in rehabilitating his paralysis, in which case the N.EX.T. aspect must be an accompanying software. This lack of clarity on their website could put people off. Thankfully, I’ve researched enough to tell you that it is an accompanying software.

Other than that, the graphical fidelity of the games it can be used with might be offputting for some – if it’s the game we’re boasting about here then it’s the game we want to be top quality. The mechanics and responsiveness are brilliant but if it doesn’t look great, how long are you going to want to spend in there?

ICAROS also comes through with a big promise – helping to recover from paralysis, even to any degree is a big statement. But without more detail on their website, it’s hard to discern between the specific needs of rehabilitation relative to how N.E.X.T. addresses them.

All in all, however, the evidence is out there, and ICAROS has clearly helped many to achieve great results. The question now is, is this the right thing for you and your rehabilitation needs?


Why is a virtual world better than just my home fitness equipment room?

VR is an alternative, not a better choice every single time. For some, simply working out as always with their standard kit in a nice environment is great. But for others, to help with motivation, entertainment, and access to alternative forms of working out then VR is a great option. Being plunged into a virtual world is the future of exercise, and when graphics and ability get even better, then there’s even more reason to get on board. Look up VR possibilities online for further information.

I read from ICAROS users that ICAROS requires perfect body control, is that true?

Vr headsets generally give you great tracking potential, so depending on the machine, all you need is head movement. For the more precise programs and games then, body precision is more beneficial. In most cases, however, it’s not a complete necessity.

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