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Introduction to the ICAROS VR Training Home Package – VR Fitness Equipment

Evolution is inevitable, and as we move up the chain, we can expect to be more and more stunned as we do. Technology is obviously useful, but it doesn’t just have to be for ease or convenience, sometimes, we can harness technology to up our game entirely.

In the world of fitness, we want to balance ease and challenge. We want something that works for us but allows us to push ourselves too. We want something that’s going to enhance our fitness lifestyles while reminding us that the basis of that very lifestyle is hard work and effort. But there’s one thing missing here…

The future of fitness will see us working out in virtual worlds and brand-new ways. But besides these world-bending breakthroughs, it’s simply going to be more fun too. And that’s exactly why you’re here, with me, reading up on the ICAROS VR Training Home Package.

This award-winning equipment is a home trainer of the 21st century centred on virtual reality experiences and virtual reality gaming to push the idea of fitness to its limits. In short, this ICAROS creation, like other products from the behemoth brand, makes exercise not only effective but immersive and fun, too.

Let’s break down exactly how this machine could reshape your fitness future and keep a smile on your face as it does.

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  • ICAROS home flying machine
  • Wireless flight controller
  • Pico VR headset
  • 3 x game pre-loaded
  • White finish
  • 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9ft x 8.2ft) home space recommendation
  • Machine footprint – 91 cm x 188 cm (36″ x 74″)
  • Machine weight – 56 kg (123.5lbs)
  • Max user size – 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft)
  • Max user weight – 17.5 Stone (110 kg)
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Sensor-controlled gaming apps


  • FLIGHT, AIM and DEEP software
  • Regularly released and updated digital experiences
  • HTC Vive Pro / Valve Index / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 compatibility
  • Smart device compatibility
  • App incorporation
  • Remote control
  • 6-hour battery life on the remote control
  • Full-fledged multiplayer, ICARACE


No Console – users make use of the controller, VR headset or a range of other devices compatible


  • Pre-loaded games:
    • Flight – Lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging Parkour and shooter games that requires perfect body control.
    • Aim – Fly through breath-taking Alpine Scenery. Aim for the high score and choose between modes from one to 3 minutes.
    • Optimised for ‘Newbies’ Deep – Experience a fascinating underwater world, race sharks and manta rays and battle with enemy submarines.
  • ICAROS App
  • Online multiplayer access

Pros and Cons

  • Advanced haptics and posture optimisation
  • Wide range of device compatibility
  • Multiplayer for added motivation
  • Easy setup
  • Scientifically tested with proven exclusive benefits
  • Only one colour
  • Graphical fidelity of VR simulations need improving
  • only how much space you have can dictate viably housing this equipment

Overall Verdict:

The future is here. And with an incredible drive to discover new ways of burning calories, staying fit and enjoying myself, I can’t wait to give this one another go. Now, it’s quite expensive, but you can see why – it’s chocked full of expensive build properties in the first place, let alone the sheer value it can bring you, your friends, and your entire family. With great sharability and modest room space, this machine doesn’t just sit in a room in your house, it becomes a part of it.

VR is an obvious field to invest your time in. It transforms your physical space, offers an array of dynamic experiences, and puts visualised imagination all around you. Naturally, this has brilliant potential for the fitness world. However, despite that potential, I do think some, certainly those who are used to gaming, may find the graphical fidelity (visual quality) a little… disappointing. It’s a problem with VR, not ICAROS, but it does leave you wishing it felt a little more current.

The above, however, is absolutely fine for those who know the experience of physically controlling a virtual world is a great way to stay engaged. It’s not all about graphics, and if you have a solid bit of workout gear, a keen feel for pleasure and hard work, and a curiosity to find new ways to push yourself, then the ICAROS VR training machine is the right pick for you.

With a brilliant all-round device compatibility range, incredible ergonomics, safe and comfy feel, and great reactive engineering, this machine literally feels like an extension of you. And with scientific evidence supporting why this machine is superior to many, for example, leading universities have shown that the machine plank burns 30% more calories and doubles the muscle activity when compared with a stable kneeling plank, it’s hard to find authentic reasons to leave this machine on the online store.

Overall? A brilliantly forward-thinking approach to fitness, a fun, enjoyable, and memorable experience every time. Ultimately, this machine is for those who think differently, and already have one foot over the line of modern fitness solutions.

What I Liked About This VR Exercise Equipment

Most obviously, I enjoyed the gaming and fitness aspects of this machine. The well-designed, reasonably addictive, and certainly replayable games make this machine the alternative entertainment/fitness system that it is. I loved the flight mode. It lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging Parkour and shooter games that require perfect body control. I just found these to be the most appealing to me, but the others are ace as well.

As far as fitness is concerned, these games and experiences genuinely put my body to the test. By using my entire body, targeting muscle groups simultaneously that I don’t usually, I felt sore, and I can feel my overall support muscles, core strength, and mobility improving every time I get on it. But to stay even more motivated than I usually am… multiplayer leaves an impression.

This online multiplayer platform (www.icarace.com) allows you to compete with other ICAROS pilots around the globe. Create your personal profile, track your progress and secure your place on the ever-changing and very competitive leaderboard against other ICAROS pilots. Registration and participation are absolutely free so make sure to check this out and feel even more connected to the ICAROS VR machine home package system.

Helping me to feel that the purchase I made was correct, the constantly updating and additional games and experiences are worth noting. There’s nothing more that I hate than something that makes me feel like I’ve purchased depreciation. In short, the value of this machine is staying up to date as the games upload, instead of buying something that you know will depreciate, and fast. And if you really want to make use of this machine, getting better and better as new experiences release, then you may want to know that Every year a World Championship is held in Germany. Pilots from all over the world gather to win cash prizes, trophies and, of course, leave with the title.

Things That Could Have Been Better

As ever, there are always things that could be better. While I’m disappointed the home machine comes mostly only in one colour (white), there are bigger hurdles I found with this product. The ICAROS home machine, unlocking a virtual reality world, can be a little tricky to store and blend into your house. The future is apparently full of sharp-looking machines, but today, without living at a construction site, you may find it hard to blend the ICAROS VR Training Home Package with your house.

If this isn’t a problem, and the VR fidelity aspects of this machine aren’t either, then it may be pertinent to realise that while the machine burns more calories in comparison to some, I just can’t justify saying it’s fully better than a treadmill or indoor cycle. Yes, there are loads of factors at play, but in reality, if you want seriously burn calories or push yourself then a more traditional bit of kit may be more useful. You may be taken in by the youtube account ICAROS flight page watching ICAROS pilots worldwide, and I wouldn’t blame you (this machine is so much fun) but invest in something that’s going to push you more if you’re after a hard workout.


Is the ICAROS home tablet holder any good?

Yes, it’s sturdy, reliable and conveniently placed. While most will be using the VR headset, you’ll be glad to know that the option is there, and your devices won’t be at risk of extraneous damage.

How many people can I race against in the online multiplayer?

You can race up to eight persons on the multiplayer in the ICAROS digital world.

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